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Can/Do ANY Linux companies work with an intel i7 processor?


I've tried using latest Ubunto s/w, Downloading to CD OK.

BUT then can't load on my PC, W7 64bit , i7 processor.

It says download assistant, tried 3 times but it does nothing, waste of time?

My ? is does any Linux s/w WORK WITH AN i7, When I looked at Debian for examplethey have precise PC specs to download, all old models or only AMD 64bit?

Is there any 1 that will work with my setup please without having to change my system?

Finally why on earth can't Linux be made to suit any system as Windows?



  • arochester
    Which version did you download? It is the AMD64 you need.
  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    You need to download AMD64 version of your favorite choice of Linux (Ubuntu may be a good start but you can also take a look at Kubuntu, Mint, FC, Debian or whatever). Just take an AMD64 CD/DVD iso and boot with it

    I'm writing to you from my HP/Compaq 8200 Elite (Intel i7, 16Gb RAM, 2x500Gb HD). Gentoo Linux (AMD64) loaded on it.

    Hope it helps


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