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I am Confused.. Experts please help

Prashant1 Posts: 2
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I am a owner of one cyber cafe. I was using Windows OS on all machines in my cafe as almost all my customers are used to Windows. But due to the Licencing issue I want to shift to Linux. But I am very confuse in which distro I should use.

I request you to guide me to take right decision.

I want an OS on which customers should feel comfortable. (As all of them are Windows user)

-Popular windows games like.. Counter strike, GTA Vice City, San Andreas should run…

-Many of government or organizational, Institutional sites works only on Internet Explorer 7 or onward.. so the distro should be able to install at least IE7.

Regarding the System configuration:

I have all AMD Athlon ll Processor x2

RAM is 2 GB

Hard drive is 160 GB

Please help me..


Thanks in advance.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Windows based software works on the windows operating system, the libraries, frameworks, and compiled applications are different between windows, mac and linux, never expect cross compatibility.

    Nearly all of the games that you listed only run on windows, so that is not a option if those are deal breakers.
    Internet Exploder only works in windows as it is a core component of windows.

    If these software products are on your must-have list, then I am afraid that you will be stuck purchasing valid licenses to windows and all required software.

    The best scenario for switching to linux based hosts is if you are willing to use Libreoffice instead of Ms Office, if you are willing to setup linux native games and servers compared to windows-only games, and if you want the users to have safe clean access to the internet. A general idea to to replace some of the browser only machines with a linux based OS as a test scenario and changing OSs as the demand increases or decreases.

    I highly recommend downloading and installing Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint on a spare computer so that you understand the differences including the pros and cons prior to making a potentially costly solution.
  • Prashant1
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have installed Ubantu 12.04 and learning it now..


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