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Help with LFS for new distro :D

GlushMaster96 Posts: 1
edited December 2013 in Getting Started with Linux

Hi to everyone :D. I'm GlushMaster96 and i'm new in the comunity and i need some help.

I'm not a very good user of Linux, but i know the basics comands to play with the configurations. But i have a problem. I'm actualy working in a Distro using LFS (Linux From Scratch) and i want to build the system on version 7.4, but is dificult for me make this without some instructions more resumed and more simplificated, so I can't be able to understand the book. So please, can someone help me ???

Thanks a lot for your colaborations, if you whant to see the official page here it is => http://olesanos.tk


"For me, no exist "i can't", exist "i don't know". So always is a solution for all :D"


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