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Help installing SMART Notebook 11

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I just recently installed Ubuntu on my laptop. I'm planning on learning the ins and outs but I currently know next to nothing. My girlfriend has a program called SMART Notebook that she uses when she student teaches. I want to get this program to install and work for her by next week if I can, but the installation seems above me for now. The program can be downloaded here, but needs info from the user. You can make it up which is what I did.


They have two versions that I can download, the RPM packages and the Debian packages. I have downloaded both not knowing which one to use. For this post I have tried looking at the RPM packages. I went to a website explaining how to install tarball files but couldn't get any further than the command sudo apt-file update. It updates everything on here and the next part tells me to do a ./configure command but does nothing. I read the readme file and it says there is other stuff I need to get but I don't know how to get it using the terminal or otherwise. I have uploaded the readme file so you can see the other requirements. Any help is appreciated.


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    alexamh Posts: 3
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    Since the next post says this was the wrong file, I'm deleting this text so you don't have to scroll down for five minutes
  • arochester
    I'll try to do this a bit at a time...

    Ubuntu is based on Debian. You need the .deb version, not .rpm (Redhat Package Management) version.

    One simple way to install .debs is to use the program Gdebi. If you don't have it, connect to the Internet, open a Terminal and issue the command: sudo apt-get install gdebi

    When you have installed gdebi use your Package Manager to navigate to the downloaded .deb. RIGHT click on the .deb and choose "Install with gdebi" (or similar)

    How far does that get you? What happens?
  • alexamh
    Well I went back and did what you said, downloaded Gdebi. The debian file it downloaded was in a .tar.gz form. I extracted it and went in the folder a few clicks and found some .deb files. There are a variety that say smart-languagesetup.deb which I figure sets up the language. There are a few more like this. For example, clicking on the one that just says smart-notebook_11.0.379.deb comes up in Gdebi and says Error:Dependency is not satisfiable:smart-common(>=10.3.1236.1-1).

    It was at this point that I went back to the website and saw that under Debian they had two separate files I could download:

    Download Debian packages - prepackaged repository
    Download Debian packages - plain files

    I didn't even see the second one when I downloaded them a few days ago. I downloaded the second one so I have it if it is the one I need. They are both .tar.gz files when downloaded.


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