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LFS264 - OPNFV Fundamentals is now live!

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LFS264 - OPNFV Fundamentals is now live. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of OPNFV. Starting with an overview of NFV and OPNFV, it delves into the challenges OPNFV solves, then provides an overview of the feature, integration, and testing OPNFV projects, industry cases and benefits. In addition, the course includes lab exercises that revolve around deployment and testing, and can be run on the Google Cloud Platform.

One great way to interact with your peers taking this course is using the Class Forum:

  • Discuss concepts, tools, and technologies presented in this course, or related to the topics discussed in the course material.
  • Ask questions about the course content.
  • Share resources and ideas related to OPNFV.

When starting a thread, be as specific as you can, both in the title and the body of the thread, identified the chapter and page you are referring to.

We hope you have a great learning experience!


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