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Kyocera FS-1020D working perfect in 10.04 has wrong top/bottom margins now in 12.04



I am using this printer for quite a while together with this ppd from kyocera

Kyocera_Mita_FS-1020D_en.ppd under 10.02 without any problems, working perfectly.

When I switched over to 12.04 a year ago, i still use the same ppd with the same printer but it seems that every page I print is moved 'up' by 2cm, as if the top-margin is actually negative and the bottom margin has increased by 2cm. Left and Right Margins are fine.

Does anyone have an idea?

What I did:

* tried to play with the printer-settings - no success -> back to default

* contacted kyocera-support whether they have a clue - they responded one time and then never again.

The thing is, I know its a damn old device but its bloody reliable. I didn't even had to change the toner since I got it. Everyone else having a Kyocera of this series knows what I am talking about.

Any help is appreciated,



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