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Question regarding an issue with 2FA

mcampellone Posts: 1
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Greetings, all!  I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I'm new here and not sure of my way around yet, so I apologize :)

I am using Linux Lite on some remote maintenance systems, and I installed 2FA with Google Authenticator.  All works exactly as expected; upon login, I am first asked for my authenticator security code, and then for my password.  Also, in Terminal, all sudo functions are the same - first asking for code, then password.

Where I run into problems, is on desktop apps that require root.  I click the desktop app, and the only prompt that ever pops up is a single password field.  (it is labeled password).  This is for doing most things in the GUI that require root.  I can't use the authenticator code, and the password alone won't work.  The only place in the GUI which works seamlessly with the authenticator code is the initial login.

Forgive me for being the incredible noob that I am - but am I missing something?  Or is it that going forward, ALL activities must be conducted only in terminal that require root?  (I hope not - this is for others to use as well)...

I really appreciate any input - thanks so much!




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