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Need help for VPS with 5 ip address


Hello ,

I'm new on this forum and i need some help how use my VPS server with 5 ip.

So what i need , i make on my PC virtual machine with 5 clone . So i need make on clones setup to 1 clone one 1 IP .

I have VPS server with 5 Ip address ,have Ubuntu 12 .I install atm Openvpn on my VPS and on one clone i install setup openvpn and use 1 of 5 address and forking fine .

So how can i use on rest clones rest IP. I try something but didn't resolved problem .

To explain :

1 clone need use xxx.xxx.xxx.100

2 clone need use xxx.xxx.xxx.101

3 clone need use xxx.xxx.xxx.102

4 clone need use xxx.xxx.xxx.103

5 clone need use xxx.xxx.xxx.104

Thanks and i hope you can help me ...

If need any more information ask me


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