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Hello my name is Bryan or Gmanprime500 as my username says, I have only been using linux since 2009 but I love it. Ive switched distros many times though I always end up coming back to Sabayon or Arch. At the moment I have just reinstalled a distro on my laptop... I was using Zorin OS but decided I wanted something different so i switched to fedora 19 and Im loving it. Tried making a forum account on the linux.org site and apperently their anti spam stuff is really bad lol. I was getting correct ansers every time but apperently it didnt think I was XD. Enviornment wise I was always a lover of classic Gnome2 but switched to XFCE when gnome3 released because I didnt like it. Ive used mate but have become accustomed to XFCE and stay with it now although I have also tried enlightenment and enjoy it. I am a gamer and until recently I almost always had a duel boot windows partition set up so I could play some games that I couldnt work through wine but recently Ive started moving all my stuff over to linux to make the 100% switch especially now that steam is on linux.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum, it is good to see that other Linux gamers have finally been able to fully ditch windows thanks to steam. How are you experiences running steam on arch and fedora?


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