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Ubuntu or CentOS as a base to Fluxbox?

Hello all,

I've recently started to like Fluxbox as my window manager and am wondering what would make a good base distro to use on it. I like both Ubuntu minimal and CentOS minimal (installs with no GUI or DE) and have them both in VMs with Fluxbox. I personally do not see any major differences between them (yum vs apt, software available, hardware detection) but I was wondering what are the main differences, if any, between these two in this situation, like is one less heavy, easier to configure via command line, etc...?


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Centos is less dependant on gui apps and can be easier under the command line. In addition under the Centos/Fedora style of OS you can make a more minimal OS to go with the simplicity of fluxbox. Actually is you are enjoying simplicity and a small, fast system I would encourage for you to us Debian, Gentoo or Arch as a base for that WM.


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