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converting to linux


HI, I am starting to get into programming, webdesign, robotics, ect. and I heard that linux is the best os for that but my computer is currently running windows 7 what will it take/cost to switch to linux? how will it affect my programs? how much knowledge do I need about the system before I try to use it? basicly I am looking for someone to walk me through this as I get started. please help.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    You can install a linux based distro as a dual boot option along side of windows if you have disk space available or you can buy a small cheap embedded system like the raspberry pi and install a linux based distro on it. Using a raspberry pi you can setup a webserver, program new applications or even interface it with other devices for robotics.
  • winterhawk1104
    are there any difference between the two besides one being on my computer and one being on the embedded system? Are there any benifits to having one over the other? Can I install the distro from this site? I have a Terabyte external harddrive will that work for the embedded system (I am very new at this). I am also looking to start a small server farm for personal use (extra processing power, put my website domain on it, storage ect.) can linux be run on the servers?


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