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Nix Microsoft malware using Linux?


Is there a way to scan MS machines for adware/malware with Linux? I'm not talking about viruses, it's that other junk that MS gets. A friend has an old XP desktop that has a browser redirect and it's begun to run slow. I'm going to dual-boot Mint for him since XP's going to expire in April, giving him plenty of time to adjust.

I could download the usual scanners in his XP and do the scans in safe mode, but figured I'd ask if there's a pure Linux way?


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    There are some live cd options ( http://lifehacker.com/5984707/five-best-system-rescue-discs ) that include basic malware and virus scanners, but most of the deep problems in windows are based in the registry which can be hard to read outside of windows. So, for you needs the best bet is launch a live CD with the AV/malware tools for a quick scan, then upon completion boot windows in safe mode to attempt ti find and correct problem in the registry using a tool like what is listed at http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/tp/free-registry-cleaner-programs.htm
  • harv42
    harv42 Posts: 5
    Haven't used it in a while but Trinity Rescue Kit [trinityhome.org] might do what you want.
    From the site:
    Here 's a sumup of some of the most important features, new and old:

    -easily reset windows passwords with the improved winpass tool
    -simple and easy menu interface
    -5 different virusscan products integrated in a single uniform commandline with online update capability
    -full ntfs write support thanks to ntfs-3g
    -winclean, a utility that cleans up all sorts of unnecessary temporary files on your computer.
    -clone computers over the network via multicast.
    -wide range of hardware support (kernel 2.6.35 )
    -contributed backup utility called "pi", to automate local machine backups
    -easy script to find and mount all local filesystems
    -self update capability to include and update all virusscanners + local changes you made to TRK.
    -full proxyserver support.
    -run a samba fileserver (windows like filesharing)
    -run a ssh server
    -recovery and undeletion of files with utilities and procedures
    -recovery of lost partitions
    -evacuation of dying disks
    -full read/write and rpm support
    -UTF-8 international character support (select keyboard language from the scrollable textmenu at startup)
    -2 rootkit detection uitilities

    Not mentioned above, but it does have a registry editor as well.
    It is commandline based so no pointy clicky graphics but has good documentation.
  • LittleOne
    LittleOne Posts: 2
    edited September 2014
    There's no such thing as a secure Windows OS.. is part of the why that there's Linux..
    Seems that all Windows OS's have engineered backdoors..
    I can't run a Windows OS without it being destroyed in a week or less.. because ten years ago I upset someone big at Microsoft.. After which, I couldn't keep a Windows OS working any more than a couple days without someone destroying the OS, is why I switched to Linux..

    Years ago I entered the HotMail login page, and was having a little difficulty logging in.. So I toured the whole login page.. Near the bottom of the page, I found a "Make an easy $3000" link, and clicked on it.. I kept clicking links till I came upon a blank message box, and keyed in "This looks like a pyramid scam'.. Instantly my OS crashed to black screen.. On reboot I got the infamous "blue screen".. I complained to Microsoft.. Next day I was on the Net, after repairing the OS, and someone got into my computer like they were almost at my keyboard.. They brought up my file titles to make a statement.. I brought up an empty word file, and keyed in "GET PAMPERS!".. Suddenly my OS was hit by an early version of the "Storm virus".. Windows popped up till the RAM ran out, like a storm.. I managed to get the OS working about 70%.. I ran a virus scan.. Every single file of the OS was infected by Two to three major viruses..
    Lucky I had saved my files three hours before the hack-attack..

    Point is: If you're trying to make a Windows OS secure.. You Can't!..

    A few months later someone hit my OS, and the forums system that I was posting in, with a slightly more advanced version of Storm virus..
    If Storm ever hits the Net, it will definitely collapse the global economy.. is why it is crucial that the whole business and money world switch from Windows to Linux ASAP...


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