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Project on power management


Hello people,

I am new here so I am not entirely familiar with the regulations, so forgive me for any mistakes.

I am a third year computer science student and currently I am looking for a project to work for my final year project. I had an abstract idea to work on the problem linux has with the power management, especially on laptops, and develop a tool that will help users.

Doing an extensive research I found that there are couple tools which do the same thing like the PowerTop tool which is a state of the art tool developed by Intel. My question to you is, can I still work on this area and produce something or you think that field is covered entirely and effectively by PowerTop or similar tools?

Thanks in advance for your answers


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    powertop is an open source project, even though it seems to cover all bases you can still attempt to contribute updated to add functionality, stability or make it more user friendly. You can visit their homepage to download the source from the repo, join the mailing list and begin working with their community to make the tool better.

    One area where I think powertop is lacking is with being user friendly, how about starting by working on a graphical user interface to get used to the code then implement additional functions to improve the tool.

    If you are content on starting a new similar project there is nothing to stop you, but since powertop is basically standard in most distros, adding features to that product will benefit large quantities of users much faster than waiting have a new project discovered.


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