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Has Linux got a simple list of current receipt scanners (like the Canon P-215, Neat Desk, etc.) that will work DIRECTLY with this OS? I've already spent several hours online searching, reading posts, etc., and I'm out of time. Please help.


  • arochester
    Do you mean something like this?: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecommendedHardware
  • jkt
    jkt Posts: 2
    Yes - that's the idea exactly - BUT, a quick look at the three scanners listed there tells me these are simple desktop scanners for PDF files. A "receipt scanner" (I don't know if there is a different name for this type of hardware) is something that comes with software which can "tag" scanned items and interface with an accounting program (like Quickbooks - though we won't be using that particular one). It has OCR (is that "optical character reader"?) technology in order to accomplish that task. The Canon P-215 is currently the most highly rated device for this task, and we like the ADF it has. But my research showed that it doesn't work with Linux :-( I don't know if the Neat Desk does, but we've voted that one out for other software reasons + lack of ADF (auto document feeder).



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