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hang install linux

can_cworld Posts: 6
edited October 2013 in I/O Devices

solution if the brothers how to install windows and linux dual os on laptop thosiba

amd dualcore C640D but on install

Linux can succeed but only in one month more than it always frezee

akways? but already more than three quarters install fixed ngehang and has been tested with

10,11,12 ubuntu, linux mint, backtrack 5R3 please look for a solution. please

and the last image on install backtrack grub entry it says




  • ferasdour
    I tried to follow your google+ link but it appear to be blank already.

    Could you clarify both the error you got, and how it freezes. In many cases output of what was going on at the time may help. Good places to start would be SAR, message and dmesg logs, etc...

    Furthermore, haven't heard anyone else having issues with the Toshiba Satellite C640D and installing linux. I think I have a broken one at my house I could rig up and test, but the only time I've seen bt5 freeze was because of memory issues or good stuff like wasting processing on stuff like flash, games, etc... all at once (high load can == freezes). But we'd need more information to properly tell if that's the case.


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