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Https Certificate Installation on TIBCO

Bargavikalla Posts: 1
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We have a Java based application that associates with a web server to download a record. This Java based application is being summoned from inside TIBCO which fills in as a middleware. As of late, the web server is relocated to utilize Https testament. So the URL would contain the Https convention in it. 

On the off chance that we run the application as an independent Java customer, it fills in as long as I have imported the Https testament into the Java keystore. We at that point moved the application onto TIBCO BW and introduced the declarations onto the TIBCO BW. With this, we are as yet confronting the login issues. 

In the past we have seen that we get a PEER Not Authenticated mistake message if the JRE cacerts keystore record isn't transported in with the web server testament. Be that as it may, once we import it, it generally worked fine. With TIBCO, we introduced it in TIBCO BW. Still the issue continue. 

We additionally have a JRE on that server where TIBCO is running. Is it true that we are relied upon to import the authentication into the JRE keystore too?. 

Truly require your contributions as I am not acquainted with TIBCO widely. I am googling and investigating different thoughts right now. Yet, any pointers are unquestionably useful.


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