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/proc/sys vs /sys/modules/mod/parameters/


I've been wondering for last few days how exactly does it work. We can set kernel runtimes parameters using sysctl or echo boolen 1> /proc/sys/module/exactParameter But in /sys/modules/module/parameters/parameter we can also set values.

Are parameters for modules in /proc/sys/ related only to hard complied into kernel? or there could be parameters for Loadable Kernel Modules also?

LKM after being loaded into running Kernel reveal their parameters in /sys/modules/module/paraeter/params. Does it mean, that there aren't parameters for modules compiled into Kernel?

What is difference between both directories.

according to kernel-parameters.txt:

Module parameters for modules that are built into the kernel image are specified on the kernel command line with the module name plus '.' plus parameter name, with '=' and value if appropriate, such as:


What does mean kernel command line? Is it related to bootloader (GRUB | LILO) ?


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