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Windows 7 ???


I know that this will ruffle some feathers...

I have a dual boot system with Windows 7 and Mint/Cinnamon. I'm trying to recover Windows 7 from a major screw-up on my part. At start, the option to boot into Windows Recovery Environment is there and I selected it. I get expected results (loading files, Splash screen), and a nice picture of green grass with dew on it, but then I get a ""Terminal" window.

Administrator X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

Inside the terminal window it says;

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7100]


It seems as if it's waiting for me to enter "something" before it will continue to install the recovery. I tried entering my password, hitting enter, Esc, Ctrl-Alt-Del, My

computers name, exe, cmd.exe.......... Any advice as to what I should enter to get it to actually load the recovery??? Microsoft was zero help....

I can and do use Mint, but I want to restore Windows 7 also.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
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    ms was zero help because you are in the recovery console within the recovery partition (X:) that was created by the computer manufacturer. The best documentation will be on their website or in the documentation you received with the computer.

    There are a few general commands like fixmbr, which will restore the windows bootloader, but to perform a system restore from backup of a factory re-install you will have to check with the manufacturer since those are their utilities.
  • Unkabuzz
    Thanks, I will try that


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