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Dell wireless driver

Ahoy there,

I'm new to Linux, having just installed mint yesterday on my dell laptop. It went well, but my wireless card (dell 1395) needs a driver. I downloaded the file from Broadcom but can't understand how to install it. From googling, this seems to a common problem that's easily resolved but I'm completely lost. Can anyone please help?

I seem to need the kernal developement kit, where can I download this from?


  • Correction, that should be a 1397 wireless card. I heard of ndiswrapper and installed it, but when I downloaded the windows driver and tried to unpack it in windows it fails and asks me insert a disk. Where can I get the windows drivers?
  • I got the windows drivers, and used ndiswrapper to install them, but it system settings it now says the device is not working. Any ideas? I know it actually works as its fine in my windows partition.


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