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Need Linux devlopers help !

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Hello guys,

We are looking for open minded Linux experts to join Media Browser team and create Linux server applications

so far mediaBrowser3 is much more advance then plex and xbmc as far server and client goes but we dont have server application in linux and we do believe linux is key to any software success

Now Media Browser team created a new MediaBroswer3 a server/Client platform a complete Game Changer

and it been great software that can support so many devices and automate all metadata.

So here is small list of applications that can run in MB3

MediaBrowser3 (server)

Media Browser Classic (wmc)

Media Browser Theater (new htpc client)

Dashboard HTML5




Win Phone

Win RT

Web client (built into server)

Media Portal 1/2

XBMC Metadata

MB3 Car

Media Browser 3 Kinect and Control

and much more !

Here is the link to there site


Github (see wiki): https://github.com/MediaBrowser

Community: Media Browser Community Tracker

Open API for web Devlopers: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/MediaBrowser/wiki


Thanks in advance and enjoy


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