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Course revision post 18.04 LTS release for LFS201


Hi team,

Just wondering if anyone knows about the course being revised to accomodate the current LTS release (18.04) for LFS201? 

I appreciate that 16.04 is still going to be supported for another 3 years but would like to ensure I'm up to date with 18.04 as it expands for five years and has some significant changes from what I can tell (i.e. GNOME)

Kind regards,



  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Ubuntu 18.04 came out this week, so you are jumping the gun.  I would say 97.5 percent of the course will work fine with Ubuntu 18.04 as it is even closer to other distros now.  The only obsolete parts will be references to how to do things perhaps in pre 16.04 versions If there are any) as being unneeded, or a couple of logos in visuals.

    So relax :)  Im sure enterprise users will take quite some time to migrate and I'm sure LFCS and LFCE exams will accomodate 16.04 for quite some time, even when they move over to 18.04.



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