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Linux Foundation for a club at my college.


Hello, I am the Treasurer of a mid-sized Computer Repair and Share club at my college.

I frequently use all sorts of GNU/Linux distros for personal use and for use, use at my work place and use in the club.

What we do in our club, is we fix all customer computers (students and teachers at the school), for free. We also have a giveaway of about 100-150 desktops (usually P4-Core 2, donation computers.) We image them using FOG server, but we put Windows 7-8 on them. I personally make Customized syslinux boot flash drives based on YUMI with around 10 small bootable linux OS tools, including GParted, Bitdefender Rescue Disk, Memtest, and OPHCrack.

At my work I can easily work on a computer without leaving any trace with Slitaz 32 MB, love that distro so much. I can write it to the RAM and then unplug my flash drive and still be able to use it. As for home use, I run a web server based off of Ubuntu Server 12.04 and I multiboot with LM Cinnamon 12.10 on my every day laptop.

I am also working on a few GNU/Linux projects, including developing a cheap solution to web kiosks around a few local businesses using Web Converger, A raspberry Pi and a cheap monitor, KB&M. My summer project is to transfer all my web server files to a raspi and solder on a 20x4 screen displaying the temperature and packets in/out/loss.

Anyway, that is my quick introduction. I figured it would be good to have a proper one of those up here, since this is my first real day on the forum.

I would like to join the Linux Foundation personally, but I wanted to find out if there were options for non-profit school clubs like that I can get for us. It would be cool to represent that we support the GNU/Linux development since we all use it so often.


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