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Alternatives to Ashampoo FireWall FREE in linux


I am looking for alternative to Ashampoo FireWall FREE.

The software works on windows xp, But it does not work newer Windows and Linux.

I use the Kubuntu 12.04 LTS.


Features of this software is:

AutoStart Manager:

Both regular programs and malicious programs often configure themselves to start automatically with Windows ®. This can be both annoying and dangerous. This tool shows all auto-starting programs and enables you to disable them.


Shows you all the processes running on your system and enables you to stop them. Useful for identifying and killing malicious programs.

Internet Cleaner:

Wipes all traces of your surfing activity from your computer to protect your privacy.

IP Spam Blocker:

Prevents annoying popup spam on the desktop that is sent using the Windows ® messaging service (not to be confused with the Windows ® Messenger instant messaging program).

Heavy-duty firewall protection:

Monitors all your computer's network activity and protects you against both incoming and outgoing connections.

Easy Mode:

Get full protection in seconds with Easy Mode and the Configuration Assistant. No expert knowledge required.

Expert Mode:

Experience users can activate this mode for powerful additional capabilities.

Simple and compact:

Self-explanatory user interface. Very small program that uses minimum memory and resources.

Learning Mode:

Automatically identifies programs that try to make connections and lets you decide whether you want to allow them. One-click operation in Easy Mode or full configuration in Expert Mode.


Create rules for every program that controls how they can access the network. One-click in Easy Mode or full configuration in Expert Mode.

Block All:

One-click panic button for emergencies that lets you block all traffic, for example if you are under attack or suspect that a malicious program is active.


The main advantage of Ashampoo FireWall FREE is ability to define rules.

All software is the network (including the Internet) will stop. If Trojan or worm attack can no longer send information.

Any application that wants to send or recive data must get permission from Ashampoo FireWall FREE.

Ashampoo FireWall FREE controls other applications by limit ports and IP can be used.

For example, I used Firefox with open all IP and ports in send and recive Recieve. But all ports and IP for matlab software is blocked. Or other software are allowed to use specific IP to communicate.

Every rule can be defined or changed.

In summary, the software can be used to control all network activity.

Is there any similar software that will work in Kubuntu?


  • roobal
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    edited August 2013
    Why don't you use IPTables? If you don't want to learn IPTables syntax, you can use Ufw (command line) or Gufw (GUI for Ufw). There is also available Firewall Builder.


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