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Hi everyone, glad to be a member of The Linux Foundation after using Linux since 2004. Took me long enough! I started a website in 2009 ish , thelinuxcauldron.com and it still stands today after a hiatus from getting a "real" job.

I absolutely love GNU\Linux, so much that I struck windows from my home network entirely. Everyday there is an new fresh thing to learn, things to fix, things to figure out and more. I am proud to use this system. I am currently re-reading Rebel Code by Gyln Moody, and love every bit of it.

My question to all of you is: With the huge apparent lack of Linux conventions, at least to my knowledge on the east coast in the U.S., how can one go about finding LUG's? I heard you can create a group on Linux.com to find users, but I can't see how to do that.




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    The groups feature was disabled a while ago due to a lack of use. Currently all LUG lists online are quite out-of-date, but there are still very many LUGs on the east coast. I myself am a member of the Tide Water Unix Users Group in Norfolk, VA, which is a combination of Linux and Unix users.

    If you can share a city location I can do a google search to try to find a local group for you.


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