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mysql server


can some one help me to export and import sql cli????needed so much thank you


  • kwame
    kwame Posts: 2
    What have you tried? What commands have you ran?
  • jonjonrhernandez2nine
    i enter this line
    select * from attendance into outfile "c:/database/attendance.sql";
    it only export the table content what i need is to export the database not the table only,,,
    please help,,,
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    edited June 2013
    First off this is a Linux forum and I am assuming that you are using mysql on a Linux server, why then would you be trying to output the file into a windows C drive?

    You can use mysqldump to output your entire database as a backup or transfer method and mysqlimport to inport the data into another database. All of the information is in the mysql online manual, I highly recommend reading through it there are many useful utilities.
  • jonjonrhernandez2nine
    i using mysql server cli combining with visual studio vb.net 2008 how can i create the syntax of importing db with out opening the mysql server shell???or creating the buck up for all the content of the database??? i need it for my thesis,,,,tnx
  • jonjonrhernandez2nine
    mysql server is 5.1
    hope some one can help me to import and export the database because the command is not working..exmple of the not working command is mysqldump --help.,,,tnx


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