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Wired internet isssue

Braydon_18 Posts: 1
edited April 2018 in Networking

Hello! I am currently a high school student who is working on becoming a Cybersecurity Specialist. I am just now starting to learn and I am having issues. I recently recieved a Hacking book titled, "Hacking the Art of Exploitation" 2nd edition by Jon Erickson. Inside the book came a CD OS version of Linux specifically tuned for hacking. What I do it I load the CD into my Dell Optiplex 320 and boot up from the CD. I use the wired port on the back on the Desktop. When it is plugged in the Linux does not detect it. Am I missing an adaptor or something important. Just keep in mind I am starting to learn all the terms so please keep it simple to understand :). Thanks!


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