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fastest modern distro discussion :)


Hey everybody!

i would very much like to get your oppinion on witch modern distro do u use/think is the fastest/best?

myself i have mostly used debian based distros, and right now i have my "big" machine running Ubuntu 13.04

a laptop running debian expert, with xfce

and an old laptop running antix.

have tryed out both gentoo and arch but its just tooo much work to just get the normal apps i use to work ^^

so lately i find myself using alot more of the *buntu based distros, simply cos its so easy!

spotify, steam and loads of other stuff is just a few lines in terminal away ^^

i have been hearing alot about sabayon lately, any of u guys have experience witch that? i hear it is stupidly fast!

anyway, what do you guys think? :D


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Any distro that installs a minimal core system and requires the user to install each app including the gui, such as arch and gentoo, are generally the fastest because they do not have unneeded components cluttering up the system and the config files are short to direct to the users needs. The distros such as fedora, ubuntu and the derivitives are the slowest because they package everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to extensible features.

    However in nearly all distros with a little reading you can optimize the speeds to nearly the speed of arch. In my case I am using the slackware full install with modified config files and have a 10 seconds boot time and nearly instant responses.


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