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Hi everyone,

I have been using Ubuntu for the past 2 years and actually been on these forums before. I have contemplated whether or not to actually get into Linux for a profession. I have met some Linux system administrators and they seem to be successful. Not sure if I want to be a system admin or not, but I would like to know where to start if I plan to get a job with Linux. I have Centos installed on my other hard drive which I believe is the distribution to have if you honestly want to learn Linux.

Should I just learn from a book and if so can anyone recommend a book?



  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    At this time the use of Linux based systems in enterprise varies greatly, depending on your goal you can look at enterprise servers, mobile systems, high availablity clusters etc...
    The real question to ask before you start looking at books and courses is which field would offer the most potential jobs, highest job satisfaction and best pay.

    In comparison to Windows based system which are generally enterprise desktops, web-servers and basic services there is a lot to consider and even more to learn to before a proficient linux admin.

    If you tell tell us what components you are most interested in then maybe we can recommend suitable reading materials.


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