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Errata in Lab 19.2

There's a mismatch between questions and answers numbering: 6 questions, 7 answers.

By the way: in all the Lab PDFs of this class I see a wrong title (in the upper left), usually matching another section of the chapter but not the lab itself.


  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    Thanks for pointing this out.  It seems the header (which is what you are talking about) is retaining the title of the last section in whatever chapter it came out of.  This is a bug not a feature, but noone has ever noticed it before in several years, so you have good eyes.  Fixing it is not easy due to the complicated wat these pdfs are broken out and produced (and by the way this bug must be in all LFS coruses with similar production methods and noone has noticed it there either)  We will see if it is fixable but don't expect anything soon as it is harmless.

    Thanks for pointing this out!


  • CarloMartini
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    edited July 2018


    Thanks for thaking notice of that naming problem.

    Anyway, this post was originally about Lab 19.2: as I wrote there's a mismatch between questions/answers, but also some missing information on the solution to the third question:

    3. Now set some quota limits for the normal user account: a soft limit of 500 blocks and a hard limit of 1000 blocks.

    $ sudo edquota -u student

    There seems to be no indication about the soft/hard limits. 


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