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Dell laptop D600


HI, I was thinking of putting linix on my laptop. It's an older one. I use it for personal and business use for my Ham Radio.

Spec's are:: intel centrino processor, 512mb ram, intel wireless card, ethernet connection, fax modem, 2 usb ports, cdrw/dvd drive. So I hope someone can advise on what is best for me. Thanks all for your help. I'm a newbee. Thanks again. Gerry951


  • arochester
    arochester Posts: 368
    At the last count I have 4 Dell C400s. They have a particular video issue, but it can be worked around. The distro that worked out of the box is: Crunchbang - http://crunchbang.org/. The Waldorf (Debian Testing/Wheezy) version. If you don't like Openbox you can: sudo apt-get install xcfe4*

    I have always maxed out the memory of my Dells to 1Gb. If you can, increase the memory.

  • Gerry951
    Gerry951 Posts: 7
    Hi, I plan on putting more memory in as soon as I can get to Grand Rapids, Michigan to a computer store.


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