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Bell_d Posts: 4
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Hey everyone, my name is David and after thinking about trying out Linux for a couple years, I finally got around to downloading and installing Ubuntu on my Dell desktop. I love it! But seeing as I can't get it connected to the net to update/download/install anything, I guess you'll be seeing me post a bit asking random questions. So...hey! How's it going?


  • arochester
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    How are you trying to connect? Ethernet? Wi-fi? Something else?
  • Bell_d
    Bell_d Posts: 4
    Oh, no. I'm not trying to connect that computer to the net. Even if I had internet access in my house, which I don't, the only reason that I'd connect it to the internet would be to update everything, and then disconnect it again. I just figured I'd put Ubuntu on it to mess with a different OS than Windows. See how it acts and such... Other than that, I'll probably either sell it, give it to someone who needs it, or use it for storage to free up space on my laptop. Maybe play some one-player games. And thanks for responding. :)


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