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Ibook G4, no sound, poor video performance, Lubuntu 13.04


Hello all

I recently came into a 12" ibook g4, 512mb ram, 40gb drive, combo optical, 1.33ghz cpu & built in airport extreme. As you all know, mac os X leopard (10.5.8) is getting a bit long in the tooth and so I decided to install linux (lubuntu 12.10, then from there distro upgraded to 13.04) to squeeze a bit more life out of this good old machine. When the installation finished, I discovered that wifi and sound didn't work. I managed to fix the former but the latter still persists. I've looked through the extensive documentation on ubuntu's site as well as a site called "powerpc liberation" which is where I found the wifi fix. Both sites gave ways to fix the non-functioning sound and poor performing video. Some of which I tried but I either didn't do it right or wasn't the solution for my model. But most of it was just so far above my head that I didn't dare try for fear of screwing the system up. SOOOOOOOOOOO =] here are the url's to the sites I visited to try and fix my problem: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#Will_my_wireless_work.3F


lol (scratches head) can ya help me make a bit of sense out of all this? if someone could walk me through this I would be very greatful.

thank you for your time.


  • iamthevincent
    Hey, I have a dumb question about my Blu Ray player and my sound board... Is there anyone out there that is an expert w/ Digital Optical and analog etc...?
    Thanks in advance


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