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Linux Dev Issue with Qt and Sudo to elevate privileges to superuser.



I am running into a weird problem with Qt QProcess and I would like your advice on how to solve this. I have build a linux program installer. ( for several reasons I do not want to distribute my program using a package manager)

The installer needs to save icon files(.png) in the /usr/share/icons/hicolor//apps/ folder and a desktop-entry file in /usr/share/applications. (for both folders, superuser privileges are mandatory on the main distro's)

I am developing the installer with QT 4.8 on (K)Ubuntu KDE-Desktop with kdesudo installed. I am not using kdesudo/gksudo, and neighter (ssh-)askpass function since Fedora, OpenSuse, and CentOS don't support these functions as a standard. I therefore choose to use Qt QProcess and the sudo command (re: security holes I am using QCA Libs and AES-128 for encryption/decryption of the superuser password). -- just in case you wanna slaughter me over this.

On execution in a linux terminal I am asked for the sudo password (my test account is in the sudoers file. The result is very disappointing: a KDESUDO related bug telling me that the Gui is owned by User 1000 (me) and not by Usr 0 (superuser). I found out that this has been a reported bug and it was somewhere confirmed -- not sure about this.

I am now looking into an alternative to elevate privileges using a shell and Qt Process and the sudo command. The net hasn't been very helpful. So if you have successfully elevated permissions using sudo and Qt Process, I'd love to hear about how you did this?



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