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downloading in linux


I have recently tried a number of versions of LINUX and UBUNTU. So far I am not impressed with any of them. My major issue is that when it comes to downloading either what is offered in the SOFTWARE MANAGER or using one of the downloaded browsers, nothing I download,

like OPEN OFFICE for instance, leaves a desktop icon. It typically is left in the MENU and the program must be opened from there. Also when I try to download anything the program will SAVE in FF for instance but will NOT open to install. NO EXE file appears for installing. NO install boxes appear. This is so far different from WINDOWS as to be useless to me. I like the idea that it is open source but it is too different in behavior to understand. Can someone tell me which LINUX is closet to windows both in appearance and behavior. How do I get a given program to download and install both from the SOFTWARE page AND from any browser I use either from what is offered or from one I can figure out how to install and how to make any program leave a desktop icon. What do I do when there is NO EXE file displayed? In short I want a LINUX OS to behave like WINDOWS even if I have to install a third party program to make that happen. If I cannot fix this to MY satisfaction then LINUX goes into the trash can. I will stick with WINDOWS and the difficulty there can be in installing it and the key nonsense, and the activation nonsense.


  • geogur
    geogur Posts: 4
    linux is linux and thats the way it is , you need to learn linux .
  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    wow that is a rant that is hard to follow. I am trying my best so please correct me if I missed a question.

    It sounds like you want installed applications to leave a desktop icon to run them, that is a windows behavior that generally annoys most people so it is not a default action by any window manger. The windows icon are just shortcuts an similarly you can make shortcuts to apps or custom .desktop files to launch the apps with custom options. If you can tell me which window manager or Linux variant you are using then we can attempt to guide you.

    As for clicking on a file and choosing install, the reason it is not working it because you need to be the root or admin user to install software and most linux variants block logging in as the root user. You might want to check the right clikc options to see if an open with option exists and based upon your chosen variant there may be an option like open with yun or open with synaptic package manager.


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