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/home is 100% filled



I am running 6 jobs in our Linux cluster. While running the jobs,

/home directory completely filled. I feared my jobs will be killed due to lack of harddisk. Then I removed some of the files (which are not relevant for the jobs) to free the \home directory. Now I can see the jobs are not killed and they are running. But they supposed to terminate successfully after 6 hours. But they are still running even after 12 hours. Can anybody kindly tell me what is the status of the jobs (whether they are running or on hold).

Thank you

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  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    Can you give use a complete desciption of the jobs that you are running in your cluster? Did you create the jobs with a script or did you use an app wizard.

    The files that you removed may have contained information of when those jobs will stop. Back up all your files from your home folder to another storage medium. Make sure the files are accessible. Use a liveCD to boot the system and use one of the partition managers to re-size your partition giving it enough space.

    re-size using GParted
  • srgreddy
    srgreddy Posts: 2
    Thanks Moderatoor,
    My jobs are simple Fortran jobs.
    I submitted them to the PBS que system. They were distributed across nodes.
    I removed the files which are not relevant for the jobs. I suppose the jobs should run smoothly. But my jobs are still running even though their elapsed time is over.
    I don't know whether they are stalled or running.
    Do I have to submit them again?

    best wishes
  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    Something might have gotten overwritten do to a full /home directory. It would not hurt to re-submit them. Make sure those jobs are scheduled to end at the correct time.


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