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Fedora 18 Proplems.

omec Posts: 3

I'm running Fedora 18 on a Dell Inspiron 8600, 1.7G/600MHz processor, 2Gb RAM @ 333 MHz. I'm not sure on Video card if it's the 32-bit or the 64-bit, I believe it is the 32-bit NVIDIA 5200 w/64MB of video memory.

I am completely new to the Linux OS, so I'm not sure on anything to do with using Terminal Commands to find problems/trouble shoot.


1) After I have done a fresh install of Fedora 18:

* the Grub displays to options when I turn on the computer. A) Fedora and B) Advanced settings/options

* After I select all the updates that show up from Yum, I have three options: A) Fedora (3.8.3-201.fc18.i686) B) Fedora and C)Advanced settings/options. If I select option A from this new list, Fedora never boots, it just runs, gets stuck in some kind of loop, Any Ideas why and should I look for some yum update to delete to get rid of option A? If I choose option B, Fedora logs in fine.

2) So, my system is updated, with a fresh install, however, I can not play music cd's or dvd's. When I put a DVD in and chose GenieX for the player it says

Failed-Could not access-dvdrom:/dev/dvd. Create Symbolic link/dev/dvd pointing to your cd rom device or set your scrom device in the preferences dialog.

* When I go to the preferences dialog, the only input available is the USB ports. However when I installed the OS, I did it from a cd-iso image.

3) When I try to play a music cd I get this message:

*Xine engine failed-no demuxer found - stream not recognized.

and last

4) Even with updated Firefox browser, every page I pull up only has half of the text visible, when I highlight the 'invisible' text, it appears, but then the other half that was visible disappears, any ideas on what would cause this phenomenon?

All help and answers will be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hey Omec,

    * A The GRUB Loader with two options is perfectly normal, its there just to provide the option of advanced settings if you want it.
    * B In my own opinion: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If B works just fine, just stick with B.

    * A2 Nearly all Linux OS's don't have the ability to play DVDs, you must install (buy) codecs/DVD player in order for it to work. http://www.fluendo.com/
    * B Your computer can read discs just fine, it just can't red the foreign media on the disc (See A2)

    3) See A2

    4) Could I please get some details on a few of what the web pages are? Thank You

    Let Me know if this helps,
  • Post Note:

    I would recommend doing some homework before buying anything (such as codecs) though, just to be sure that it's only Music CDs and movie DVDs that wont play (not normal data discs), and not another underlining problem.
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,116
    In Fedora, I use Autoten to install codecs.


    Although I hear installing Google Earth is broken at the moment, every other option in Autoten is working great.


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