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BackTrack 5 R1 cant connect to wi fi !!!!


Hey guys! Im fairly new to Linux in general (been running various distros for about 2 years) and I've been recently trying my hand at using BackTrack 5 R1 from a Live DVD so i can run Reaver. I'm running Mint on my HDD and everything has been working swimmingly and while loading BackTrack I haven't had any problems until I try to use the Wicd to connect to wifi. The Wicd doesnt recognize my internet or any others and just shows up blank. I thought it was a compatibility issue with my wireless card but BackTrack doesnt have an up to date compatibility list so I cant know for certain. I tried updating my driver with b43 firmware but that hasnt seemed to change anything.....please help!!

Asus EEE PC 1015px

wireless card: BCM 4313 , PCI Device ID: 0x4727

SHould I try upgrading to BT 5r3 or 6?


  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    A couple of years back, when I tried Backtrack, it came with wifi disabled. I'm sorry it's been a long time, so, I can't give you a how-to, but, poking around the systems or settings menu, or, the config to their network manager, should find you the wifi enable option.

    Of course, that is, if their disabling wifi is still default. Sorry I couldn't help you more, but, I didn't use Backtrack except for that one time.
  • absal0m
    absal0m Posts: 6
    Very happy to see you are checking out Linux Security distros. Backtrack is actually what brought me to Linux in the first place. Backtrack 5 is NOT the latest "BackTrack" distribution. Offensive Security (The company that made BackTrack) found that BackTrack, being based off Ubuntu, limited the potential so they swtiched to the new operating system (which I have tested and love) Kali Linux. I had wifi issues with Backtrack 5 R1 which was fixed by R2 but Kali Linux should have the latest wifi drivers. One issue as goingeasy stated is that BackTrack and Kali Linux usually come with wifi off. If there is a wifi button on your laptop try pressing it. I went through hours of frustration once trying to fix my wifi to come to the relization that I just had to press the wifi button. I hope this has helped.


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