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open source law's


hi GNU/LINUX User's

I do not know anything except the number of English words

Until I read open source license

But I want to know about the rules of open source

So please give a logical answer

1 - If the manufacturer or Dvlpr OSS have sanctioned the country.

It is still able to use these tools?

2 - If the Kubuntu operating system such as that produced by many small software

Only a non-commercial software license

is A company can not use it in production software?

sorry For bad English.


  • firewhale
    thanks & sorry for multiple post
  • akashgupta1990
    hello everyone,

    Open source means that it is open for all, linux is an open source which is providing its CD to all the users who are subscribing for it, you can use any version of linux without paying to the company and all the views mentioned above are providing the great information.


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