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Whats going on guys. It may seem like a simple issue but it is not. basically i have been selected for a compliance audit at my company. I am running Red Hat Linux 6. I wanted to clear out my browsing history In firefox version 17. I haven't been browsing anything bad, but technically i am not even supposed to check my yahoo e mail or even read news articles on this computer. I know these guys are UhHmm ducks. anyway I cleared my browsing history of all that stuff. i deletes almost all of the cookies. However when i run this compliance check tool it finds all these sites..... How is that possible if the browser history is gone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If i don't clear it nothing will really happen to me. they aren't going to fire me but they will give me a hard time and i will technically be non compliant..... thanks in advance.


  • Dear Enolcys,

    Sorry, but no good techie is going to help you hide something from your company. If it's not going to be that bad, then don't let it be. Just own up to what you did and take what comes at you. I know It sucks, but it's many times better than to hide it FROM YOUR EMPLOYER.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.
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