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Hi there. I've been an ubuntu user since last year. I actually started with fedora. Didn't like it at the time, but I really didn't know anything then. I'm fairly happy with my ubuntu, but was thinking of as dif os for my other pc. Was just looking for some suggestions is all. I will be using a media center pc with a 3GHz dual core, 8GB DDR2 RAM, an ok 1080p 3D graphics card. I mainly want a fast, stable, powerfull if I should need it os. I mainly listen and save and swap my music, web, movies, burning DVD's (which I still can't quite figure out LOL) Photos and photo editing and run it through my LCD TV. I thought about trying zorin, but what else is good too. I would probably love the ubuntu much more if I could get half the stuff running right. I follow all instructions to no avail. 3D cube makes plasma crash and had to uninstall compiz to work again and cube screen suddenly quit working days later when I didn't change anything (that I'm aware of) and even unity effects are failing and been running the lxde cause it runs the best. Maybe a premium version with support? I'm just looking for some opinions is all guys. Thanks

P.S. If anybody tells me to get windows, I might just lose it!! LOL :)


  • petersonlevi88
    I'll give it a run. Thanks. I'm also gonna try Zorin. I downloaded and ran the live cd and liked what I saw for those short 5 minutes. It had the actual google chrome browser instead of Chromium which isn't always the same compatibility as Chrome. I'm learning so much, but as I do I realize I know less and less. LOL BTW, is there any way to play Netflix? I know Linux used to have the Moonlight I think it was called, but support dropped.
  • mfillpot
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    Some people have reported luck running netflix under wine, however running it natively is not currently possible due to the DRM that is used.
  • petersonlevi88
    I am running Netflix just fine on Ubuntu 12.04. If you want the info, lemme know. I was given the magic info on the Ubuntu forums. Also, I tried Linux Mint. It runs fine for about 10 minutes then reboots outta the blue. I have also had problems running Zorin. The only one that seems to run smoothly on that pc is Ubuntu 12.04. All discs were burnt in same burner and I'm not sure if it's my burner or the "suicide" job of foxconn as it was suggested on the Zorin forum. LOL The Netflix runs like an app and does use wine.

    Yesterday, developer and programmer extraordinaire Erich Hoover and I spent several hours working out all of the Netflix Desktop kinks. Most users will have no problems with installation now.

    Here is how to install the Netflix Desktop App on Ubuntu. Open a terminal and run these commands:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

    Once installed, go up to the top left of your screen and open your Unity dash and search for Netflix and run the app. It will load up everything needed on the first run. After logging into your Netflix account and selecting a video to play, Silverlight should ask you to enable DRM content. Please enable. Netflix movies should work fine now :) Congrats!

    The Netflix app starts in full screen mode. You can exit out of the app completely by pressing ALT+F4. You can also press F11 to exit out of full screen mode.

    If you have any questions please post them in the comments and we'll try our best to answer them.

    Erich Hoover recommends donating to WINE Development Fund...


    You can also "thank" Erich for his hard work by donating to his ChipIn...

  • petersonlevi88
    I will note though that double clicking can be bad when using this Netflix and will require a restart of the Netflix. My mouse has a happy trigger and I found out the hard way, but other than that no problems except video is jumpy for the first few minutes most likely due to my extremely sub standard graphics card


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