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ACER ASPIRE V5-571: installation of linux OS


Hello, I am from India.I am new in this forum . Want some info:

model: Aspire V5-571

current OS: Windows 7

Can I use ANY LINUX OS in my notebook.

MY USE: ...photoshop.. CAD..

ACCOUNTING: Tally erp.




  • nixsavy
    nixsavy Posts: 11
    Before installing Linux make sure your required application support linux. There is no problem in running C , C++ or java on linux.

    May be the same software wont be available but their would opensource software tool that function same as CAD etc..

    If u never been into linux it might be good to start installing linux on virtual machine (u can install oracle virtualbox) and trying testing all your applications before you switch you machine to linux/dual booting.
  • s1
    s1 Posts: 2
    Thanks for reply Sir,...

    I want to use tally erp 9 for commercial and official purpose.

    IS there any solution...

    I searched through internet i found that WINE 1.4 a version of UBUNTU is good platform for tally erp 9...

    Can i use Wine 1.4 ...
    Suggest me..
  • nixsavy
    nixsavy Posts: 11
    I am afraid which Wine you referring.

    As I know wine wine is software that runs on Linux(say Ubuntu) to run some windows applications.


    But I am not sure how much good its features work well in linux flavours. Mainly when taking reports

  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Wine is a standard application among the distros, the capabilities no not change. If the necessary application is listed as working on wine's database then it should work, the database is also good about noting issues and changes required for certain software to work.

    However after looking at the database, the application is rated as garbase and in most cases the users were only able to complete the installer but not run the application. It could be the case where the app uses many windows core components that have not been cloned into wine.

    You could also look at crossover which has better support than wine but it paid. http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=5703

    Their site says it has not been tested, but you can get the free trial to test it.


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