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Trying to get on the web using Lubuntu version 12.o4. But when I put in the passcode that I was given for the software it dose not work it tells me that it has to be varaifde ( i know that its spelled wrong sorry). All i want to do is get on line so I can go to class. It is not the main operting system windows7 is. Lubuntu was put on my netbook by a friend who set everything up. If i can us it then how can i remove it? I have no disk for it... Please help me befor i take a sledge hammer to my netbook. I have the pass code that was put on but it will not work i have tryed 12 diffrent times an im just getting madder by the second. I am begging for some help here with me being new to it.


  • arochester
    Linux is case sensitive.

    Make sure your password is correct.

    Use capital letters and lower-case letters where necessary.

    Check with your friend?


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