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Just saying Hi! and a bit about my experiece getting here.Didn't get or mess with first computer till 2004,a dell running win.xp.Had to learn everthing including typing(thanks to Mavis Beacon)and thats not to bad. From day one heard the name Linux but never thought about it until a few years ago,while in you tube and accidentally started a Linux video.I got curious so decided to try it.For 4 months tried to get Debian or Ubuntu downloaded and installed but no dice.Was ready to give up but decided to try one more thing so(with permission) tryed another puter and bingo!down loaded and burnt Ubuntu to disk like a pro.In the meantime a friend gave me a 2009 laptop so stuck cd in and installed perfectly.The problem was not enough umph in the old desk top.Everythings working great at this time and I'm excited to start learning as much as possible.Till next time.Be good,Be happy and have fun. who knew


  • lzzy, thanks for the welcome and hope I can figure everything out on me own(lots of reading huh)but if I get stuck glade to know there's help. Now going to see about a firewall. Have fun, Who Knew
  • Welcome @whonew

    Glad you decided to dabble into linux. You have embarked on a whole new adventure. Enjoy. Remember, we are here to help.
  • Thanks,Istimsak Abdulbasir,and I like the adventure so far. Got firewall installed finally now to tackle the iptables. Till later, Be Happy and Have Fun. Who knew


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