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Maximizing Program Windows

Okay so I'm entirely new to linux. I am running Zorin OS 6. Every time I maximize a system window, it maximizes it onto my second screen, which is larger than my main screen. When I maximize Google Chrome for instance, it maximizes to which ever screen I maximized it in. This seems to only happen with system windows and programs (ex: RhythmBox). Anyone know how I can fix this so that my system windows/programs behave the same way Chrome does?



  • Hey Jake,

    I'm sorry for not getting to you sooner, I've been pretty swamped this week.

    Could you right click the top of your Google Chrome window? There should be a little box that opens up. When it does, it should say preferences. When you click on that it should give you an option of that app to open full screen in your main window.

    Let me know if this helps, I'll do what I can if this doesn't work.


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