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USB not working

My USB quit working, partially. They all recognize a device is plugged in, but some won't work. Only my wireless mouse and keyboard work, but only in selected slots. It installed drivers for my Logitech webcam, but wont run. I have Ubuntu 12.04 Lts and Win 7 ultimate and does this on both O.S.'s. This just started happening. HP media center PC m7277c


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    Hp.com has a troubleshooting page for this problem on their site. However, they only offer help on the Windows side of things. (Though since the problem is happening on both OS's, it shouldn't matter which OS you use to fix the problem).

    USB devices are detected by the computer but are not working properly--
    Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the USB port when a USB device is not working properly:

    Unplug all USB devices connected to the computer. This includes thumb drives, printers, and video cameras. If you are using a USB mouse and keyboard, temporarily use PS/2 devices if available, otherwise leave them connected.
    In Windows XP, click Start , right-click My Computer , and select Properties .
    In Windows 98 and Me, right-click the My Computer icon on the Windows desktop, and select Properties .
    In Windows XP, click the Hardware tab and then Device Manager .
    In Windows 98 and ME, click the Device Manager tab.
    Click the (+ ) plus sign next to the Universal Serial Bus.
    Select USB Root Hub , and then click Remove . Continue until all USB Root Hubs are removed.
    Close DeviceManager and restart the PC.
    If the USB device that is having problems came with software and it was not previously installed, install the software now following the manufacturer provided instructions.
    Reconnect the USB device that was having problems and test it to see if it works.
    The device should now work properly. If problems persist, continue using these steps.
    Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties .
    In Windows XP, click the Hardware tab and then Device Manager .
    In Windows 98 and ME, click the Device Manager tab.
    Open Universal Serial Bus Controllers by clicking the plus sign (+ ).
    One of the following four conditions are displayed:
    Unknown Device - If the device displays as an unknown device, check the following items:
    If the USB device is connected to a USB port on a keyboard or hub, unplug it and plug it into a USB port on the computer.
    The device may not be getting enough power. If other USB devices are connected to the system, remove all other USB devices (except keyboard and mouse) and try a different available USB port. If this solves the issue, use a powered USB hub to power more devices.
    Other Device - If the device displays under Other Devices the USB ports are working but the device software drivers need to be installed. Unplug the USB device and install the software drivers.
    Device Name Displays - If the name of the device is shown, the USB port is working properly. There is a physical problem with the device or there is an issue with the device software drivers. Try disconnecting the USB device, uninstalling the device's software (if any), and then reinstalling the software. Restart the PC and try connecting again. Refer to the manufacturer of the USB device for more information.
    Device Not Listed - If the device is not listed at all, continue to the next section; USB device not detected by the system.
    Still not working? Disconnect the USB device and use Microsoft System Restore to go back to a date when the device was working properly. Do NOT plug the USB device in again until the system is idle (no other major software programs, like virus scanners or Video players, are open).

    Hope this helps, and if not, I'll try to do what I can.
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