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Wireless issue with Ubuntu 12.04 no GUI


This is a user issue I believe (myself), here is the situation:

1st issue: To have linux in the boot process not look for a wired connection due to it being a laptop and it taking an extra 60 seconds every time I boot for it to search for a connection it doesn't have. Of course, once it boots, I have internet.

2nd issue: To be able to use and connect to wireless networks without my gui by the easiest possible means.

What's working: Ubuntu 12.04 has linux installed, and will boot in text mode instead of to the GUI just like I wanted, and I just use lightdm to start the GUI when wanted.

Now I want to say that I have been googling these issues and trying to find a solution, but have yet to find one that seems to fit my exact issue since most people are inside the GUI, which for my works perfect.

Appreciate any help guys, thanks.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    Network manager is built to be configured inside of the gui, you can find some third party scripts and apps like cnetworkmanager that will work in the cli.


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