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Linux Distro Remastering Suggestions Needed


Hey everyone,

I am currently working on a project to make a custom linux distro for creating bootable usb drives or cd/dvds.

The distro will be run from a live system, with the isos on a separate storage media.

The distro will have programs like:

-Gparted - for disk partitioning or wiping

-Multisystem - for making multiboot drives

-Unetbootin - for making bootable drives

-Cd/Dvd burning (specifics undecided so far)

-Chromium - for finding new isos

-Deluge - for downloading new isos

I have experience with remastering isos and installing packages, I don't need help there, but I do need suggestions on a lightweight, barebones distro that would be ideal for this project.

I've considered Lubuntu, KNOPPIX, and possibly even Tiny Core as candidates, but I want to know (from more experienced Linuxers) if there is a better alternative.




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