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Linux advices for dummies


I have never touched linux. I heard that it can be done everything on a linux machine so I am thinking about trying it out. My goal is to someday create my own OS light, fast, fully compatible and customized. I would apreciate any kind of advices such as first steps, linux distribution, PC specs... Thank you.


  • Thanks a lot Izzy!
    By the way the name is Ruben. Glad to "meet".
    I sincerely appreciate your advises. But them all, far from backing me down in any way are actually growing the curiosity inside me. So if it isn't too much asking, could you point out a "dummy friendly" Linux distribution or a specific OS for me to start on?
  • Thanks again.
    I think I'll try my luck with Ubuntu. I'll get it installed and let you know if I get stuck anywhere.

    Just so you know, so far you've been like a light in the dark for me. The idea of facing Linux becomes a lot less scary when you have a little backup. So again, thank you so much.
  • Hi Izzy!
    It has been a while since the last time I posted. I do now to let you know that I was able to set up Linux on my PC. Everything works fine. I find it very easy to use. As a everyday use OS it is great. I look forward to getting deeper into it and hope to be able to build (someday) my own OS. Thank you for your support so far. I'll reach you again as soon as I get stalled.
  • I have been using Ubuntu 12.04 since last Summer. I love it. I have the kde and compiz with cube effects (6 sides) and wobbly and transparent windows. I need to find a downloader that works well for movies from various sites. Any help please? I was using Jdownloader on Win 7, but windows crashed. I tried a few like multiget and such with no luck. Maybe I just don't know how to correctly use them? The Jdownloader site said they had 1 for linux, but I can't find it. Any tips also would be helpful since I am rookie to these downloaders.


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