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Flash NAND Ram is mounted ISO9660

MircoMirco Posts: 1
edited December 2012 in Storage

As widely known some G3 hsdpa modems come with a switch mode, means we can change the ID in such a way that it appears either as a modem or a cdrom.

On debian-testing I can turn that switch by changing the truth value of DisableSwitching in the file /etc/usb_modeswitch.conf

The problem is, that if DisableSwitcing=true, the hardware NAND-flash memory appears as a write protected cdrom. That might be what the vendors want, but on a physical level this is not correct, since it is definitely write-able from a hardware POV. You can see that because some producers ship firmware and "branding"-updates and vendors put their vendor stuff into that RAM. So, also it is RAM not ROM, it is mounted as the latter.

Is this a bug?

At least on my hsdpa-modem there are 100MB RAM. Enough for a tiny OS and I really would like to know how we can mount it writeable. Any suggestions?

Please let me know, what data you need to help me on that problem...

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