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What os distro of linux should i use on my netbook


I just found a power supply cord that works for my netbook around first gen 1 core 2 threads honestly it was slower than my pentium 4 desktop ht with 2.8 ghz the netbook is 1.6ghz. the video is some really cruddy intel option. I know i would probably use either xfce or lxde maybe e17. my netbook has 2gb of memory. Windows xp honestly runs on it but not very well. I used to run ubuntu 10.10 or so on it using the netbook interface which honestly ran much better than windows generally speaking. obviously i do not need 64 bit so that may be something i do not need to consider. I like deb over rpm but i have not used rpm's very much. i have run sabayon before but not on that system. I have used linux almost exclusively on a gui before not a great deal of experience with the command line which i hope you will take into consideration. i do not mind having to use it slightly but i do not want a 5 hour or something like that project to get the system up and running. also it has a 160 gb hdd.


  • mfillpot
    mfillpot Posts: 2,177
    You are on the right path of thinking with the WMs. For an older system and for ans easy deb subsystem I would recommend xubuntu which is ubunutu with xfce by default or bohdi linux which is a specialized ubuntu derivative with enlightnment was the WM.


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